Calderdale Shines in the 2023 Kings Award for Voluntary Services.

Calderdale has made an outstanding contribution to this year's Kings Award for Voluntary Services (KAVS), with five fantastic organisations being awarded.

Alpha House Calderdale, The Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band, Project Colt, Friends of Lister Lane Cemetery and the 51st Pellon Scouts received the joyous news on the 14th of November.

The award is the equivalent of an MBE and is the highest award given to local voluntary groups in the UK.

Alpha House has been serving the community in Calderdale through their housing project and change of lifestyle training program supporting individuals upon their release from prison and those who have complex needs such as drug and or alcohol dependency, mental health and a range of social and domestic struggles.

The organisation has positively impacted numerous individuals, empowering them to undergo rehabilitation and enhance their mental well-being, representing a significant contribution to our community and vital service.

The Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band is a distinguished brass ensemble, which was established in 1881.

The band has maintained its independence and depends solely on public support to share its iconic sounds with audiences not only in Calderdale and the UK but also on a global scale.

Extremely proud of their heritage and achievements, every member unites people through the enjoyment of exceptional music.

Another group proud to be awarded the KAVS is based in the heart of Elland and is solely focused on ensuring the local community is well-served, Project Colt offers an alternative recovery support service for people living with addiction or life-controlling issues.

The charity has its very own enterprise to support the services it offers featuring its very own charity shop, upcycled affordable furniture, Rusty’s Coffee Club, and House of Handsome Barbers.

Project Colt has also partnered with Zarach, to become the Zarach Calderdale Hub, delivering Zarach bed bundles to those in need, ensuring the basic needs of children within Calderdale are met, giving them a good night’s sleep and an equal opportunity to succeed in school.

Friends of Lister Lane Cemetery was formed in 1999 and takes care of the Grade II listed historic Halifax General Cemetery, the first non-denominational burial ground in the area, meaning you could be of any religion or none.

The last burial took place in 1963, and over time was sadly neglected and abandoned before the dedicated volunteers got to work restoring and looking after the cemetery, preserving a piece of Calderdale history.

Finally, the 51st Pellon Scouts were also recognised for their commitment to voluntary services and unwavering dedication to their community, hosting an array of inclusive activities and events for families in and around Park Ward.

The award comes just two months after the passing of former Group Scout Leader Derek Dodkins who was pivotal in setting up the 51st Pellon Scout Group, devoting much of his life to Scouting and inspiring many children in the local area to ‘Be Prepared’

The VSI Alliance team extends heartfelt congratulations to all the groups in Calderdale and across the UK. This well-deserved award reflects your dedication, time, and hard work, which are truly valued by both us and our community.

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