Community Journalist

What is the Community Journalist?

The Community Journalist is a complimentary service offered by VAC as part of the VSI Alliance for the voluntary, community, and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in Calderdale.

We understand that while our sector has much to share and celebrate, it often lacks the resources to effectively showcase its achievements to a broader audience.

Through the Community Journalist, your organisation will collaborate with us to create original written or visual content that highlights the resilience, strength, and positive impact of Calderdale’s VCSE community.

Contact the Community Journalist

Do you or your organisation have inspiring stories that need to be heard? If so, the Community Journalist is eager to listen and share your stories!

Contact Jordan at

Black Decades Of Difference logo

The Decades of Difference project is here to shine a light on the Calderdale organisations who have been supporting their communities for over a decade. 

The project was born out of a deep respect and acknowledgement of the resilience that our sector demonstrates in swathes.

The longevity of the organisations featured in the Decades of Difference project is testament to the invaluable support they offer to their communities.