Less Sweat and More Laughter – Inspire Motivate Transform.

Inspire Motivate Transform is on a mission to get people throughout Calderdale back in tune with their physical and mental well-being through bespoke low-impact, full-body movement.

In 2021, Rebecca Slaven established IMT Forever (Inspire Motivate Transform), which later became a CIC in 2022, after a period of profound self-discovery. During this time, she came to the realisation that her career in accountancy no longer brought her a sense of fulfilment, leading her to recognise her calling toward a different journey. Dance.

Dance had always been a focus for Rebecca when she was younger, competing until she was 11, but it was only later in life that she realised the power of dance, the fun and freedom it brought, the ability to be creative and the impact this had on her mental wellbeing as well as the physical aspects.

IMT shares that dance is simply just movement, and we can all do that. Dance is an opportunity to be active and feel empowered no matter your age or ability, with both seated and standing sessions available. The classes are designed to be fun, engaging and taken at your own pace, giving participants a positive interaction and self-esteem boost.

You’re encouraged to be yourself, make mistakes and work to your own ability and each session is tailored to you through a contemporary mix of exercise, movement and dance, transforming “I can’t” into “I can”.

Rebecca said:

“Movement is a basic need but gone are the days of punishing workouts, these days I choose less sweat and more laughter!”

Rebecca calls herself a Movement and Mindset Mentor, her role is much more than teaching someone to be active through dance and movement.

Yes, sessions focus on movement that helps to improve mobility, balance, coordination and stamina but her bespoke choreography and empowering language encourage people to be confident in what they can do, to be social and build new relationships, to laugh and let go of their fears and find enjoyment in being active.

There are so many barriers people face that prevent them from joining a class so she asks you to think about giving your body what it needs to help you maintain an active ageing lifestyle and independent living.

Rebecca runs weekly dance and movement sessions in Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Monday-Thursday and Saturday, with an online workshop every 1st Saturday of the month.

To view the full class timetable please click here.

Rebecca’s expertise extends beyond her classes, making her available for well-being events, dance workshops and public speaking engagements.

For more information please get in touch via email or telephone: hello@imtforever.co.uk | 07510 187211

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