SOUL Wellness Hub and Café: Former Church to Holistic Oasis.

In July 2023, Rae Frost and James Dearden Bush took on the almighty challenge of restoring The Former Methodist Church on Burnley Road in Sowerby Bridge to bring their vision of what would become the SOUL Wellness Hub and Café to life.

The building had been closed since March, due to a notice placed on the property by the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service – it was a risk and to some not salvageable but there was simply no backing out.

After months of tireless dedication and late nights spent with friends to renovate the space, SOUL Wellness Hub finally emerged in all its glory at the end of last year.

This visionary space, spanning three floors, is more than just a physical establishment; it encapsulates the essence of authenticity and self-discovery.

Described as “a place for your authentic heart to shine,” SOUL boasts a nourishing café where visitors can indulge in fresh, home-cooked vegetarian delights such as specialty curries and hearty stews. Handcrafted hot drinks, mocktails, and other health-focused treats are also on the menu, providing the perfect sustenance to power through the day.

For those with an inclination towards fashion, you can browse in their stunning bohemian clothes shop or additionally, visit their in-house loctician – Pretty Dreadfull – a hairdresser specializing in the growing, maintenance, and styling of dreadlocks, catering to individuals seeking distinctive and personalized hair care services.

However, if relaxation, meditation and mindfulness are more your style, SOUL has you covered.

Rae and James have seamlessly integrated wellness and healing into their vision, evident in the detoxifying spa and yoga studios within the hub.

Visitors can lose themselves in the tranquility of an Epsom salt float tank, where sight and sounds fade away, and the perfectly warm water makes it impossible to know where your skin ends and the water begins.

Alternatively, you can even heat things up in the infrared sauna and give your muscles that much-needed break from tension or if you’re feeling in need of some deep healing you can head to The Amethyst Room featuring a top-of-the-range MediCrystal Bio-stimulation Amethyst FIR Mat.

For centuries, the amethyst gemstone has been used to promote physical and spiritual well-being. Now, with modern technology amethyst biomats can amplify the natural therapeutic qualities of the crystals even more promoting things such as relaxation, detoxification and improved circulation.

SOUL offers a diverse selection of weekly yoga classes, sound baths and shamanic breathwork across two dedicated studios which are available to book on their events page

Take advantage of one of the monthly subscription offers with the SOULcare membership and enjoy all yoga classes and a daily sauna for just £44 a month.

SOUL is also running their next Expand Day Retreat, a holistic festival across all three floors on Saturday 27th of April – a transformative journey filled with inspiring speakers, interactive workshops, revitalizing yoga sessions, and much more.

For more information on what’s happening at SOUL Wellness Hub and Café please visit or contact | 01422 836973

SOUL Wellness Hub and Café represent more than a physical space; it embodies a sanctuary where individuals can explore, rejuvenate, and reconnect, creating a harmonious balance between mind, body, and soul.

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