The Phoenix Men’s Shed Continues to Craft Connections.

The Phoenix Men’s Shed is a vibrant hub for connection and craftsmanship and is embarking on an exciting journey as it prepares to relocate to its new premises in the heart of Halifax.

The Phoenix Men’s Shed offers a warm and inclusive environment where men over the age of 50 can gather twice a week.

Here, amidst friendly conversations and shared interests, friends immerse themselves in the world of various craftsmanship such as woodworking and repairing items back to their former glory.

Previously situated in the Threeways Centre in Ovenden, North Halifax, The Men’s Shed began their journey through funding from the Staying Well service.

Members have taken pride in calling this community building home since March 2015. However, unfortunately, Calderdale Council decided at the end of 2022 that the centre was to be demolished due to safety concerns.

Undeterred by this setback, the group have worked tirelessly to find a new home and is pleased to have found a promising space, which they expect to be ready in the coming months, and are excited to welcome new members into their cohort.

Part of the Men’s Sheds Association, an international movement which encourages local communities to come together to ‘build, fix and restore – projects as well as themselves!’ the Shed invites men across Halifax and the wider area to join them in their movement.

Chris Freeman from The Shed commented: “Our original motto, ‘A place where men are reborn’ is still true today. The guys at The Shed can make and mend a whole lot of things, but most of all, they mend men!”

Since their inception, members of the Shed have crafted many a project, their first major build was to make 18 rowing boat rudders for St. Gemma’s Hospice’s rowing event in Windermere. 

As well as going on to craft bird and bat boxes for Scarr Bottom Trust closely followed by a project to make three beautiful benches and planters for Wood Bank School’s sensory garden in Sowerby Bridge.

The impact of Men’s Sheds extends far beyond the confines of workshops, an estimated 13,728 families throughout the United Kingdom are benefiting from the great work Men’s Sheds do.

The initiative enhances social activity, countering isolation, and alleviating feelings of depression while also allowing for a sense of fulfilment both in the crafts created and the friendships made.

As The Phoenix Men’s Shed prepares to unfold a new chapter, they are also pleased to announce they have now become a registered charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), which will support them greatly in their future endeavours.

The Shed is temporarily meeting at St. George’s House, Lee Mount Road, Halifax, on the corner of Lilac Street, on Monday and Wednesday mornings, from 9.30 until 11.00.

If you or someone you know would like to join The Phoenix Men’s Shed, please contact or you can call Chris Freeman on 07930 207535.

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