I Want to Volunteer

VSI Alliance Volunteer Hub; the home of micro-volunteering in Calderdale.

Volunteering with flexibility, variety and no long-term commitment but lots of opportunities to give back, develop and access training.

Hub Volunteers are people who want to help their community but can’t commit to help on the same day for the same time each week. Through volunteering for the Hub you can still help when your other commitments allow.

What is Micro Volunteering?

Not everyone is able to commit to the same amount of time each week for a number of months but still want to give back through volunteering.

Micro-volunteering enables volunteers who have time, work, caring or other commitments to volunteer by completing volunteer tasks that contribute to a larger cause. This could be helping for a few hours on a weekend at a charity ball or doing some research in the evening.

“I would recommend volunteering to everyone as we are able to provide assistance to others, be that a smiling face, a listening ear, compassion or activity we can all enhance another’s life by giving of ourselves”

– Volunteer Vax

How do I get involved? (add form)

One-off assistance

Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) groups don’t always have volunteers to help with short term projects or one-off events. Hub volunteers stepping into these roles is one way to help a worthwhile cause whilst still having a busy life and juggling commitments. Our volunteers are doing a wide range of roles; research for a museum, gardening, vaccination centre volunteering, screening awareness volunteering and more.

Health Heroes

Each season of the year Health Heroes focus on a different health issue. We arrange guest speakers to hold webinars, in-person training or workshops.

If you choose to utilise the information gained by sharing with friends and family is your decision. We want to help you gain the knowledge to dispel common misconceptions and let people know where to go for help or support.

If you would like more information about the VSI Alliance Volunteer Hub, please contact volunteerhub@vsialliance.org.uk or call 01422 348777